Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Secret of the Rosary

In past articles, I have exhorted you regarding the benefits of mental prayer and developing good habits to help you pray throughout the day. Today, I’ll emphasize another form of prayer that should be part of your daily devotions: the Rosary.

And as May is the Month of Mary, now is an excellent time to renew your commitment to the Rosary.

The Power and Importance of the Rosary

Eight hundred years years ago, St. Dominic popularized the recitation of the Rosary and used this great weapon to defeat the Albigensian heresy. In 1571, Europe was threatened by the Muslim forces of the Ottoman Empire; Pope Saint Pius V asked the faithful to pray the Rosary and, against great odds, Christian forces prevailed at the Battle of Lepanto, saving Europe. More recently, in 1917, as World War I raged and the evil of communism spread, Our Lady herself appeared in Fatima and asked that we pray the Rosary every day to obtain peace in the world.

Below: Madonna of the Rosary by Caravaggio. St. Dominic (on the left) is distributing Rosaries to the people.

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