Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Liturgical Movement Reviews Sacred Art Series' The Holy Gospels

Today, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski has posted an excellent review of the Sacred Art Series' The Holy Gospels of St. Luke and St. John at the New Liturgical Movement.

Here's a sample:
As usual, it will help NLM readers far more to see lots of photos than to hear me going on and on about how beautiful a book this is. But I ought to say loud and clear: it is handsomely done, its cover, gilt edging, sewn binding, ribbon, rounded pages, and full-bleed artwork make it look like the sacred and special book it is, so that its very appearance transmits an unspoken message about reverence. The gentle updating that has been done to the Douay-Rheims text makes it at once reader-friendly (especially for younger readers) and utterly traditional in tone. The choice of St. Luke and St. John again is a winner, as you get a very full synoptic narrative from the one, including favorite parables uniquely Luke’s, complemented by the more “mystical”  and dialogue-centered narrative of John. Most strikingly, the full-color artworks on every other page are exquisitely tasteful, well placed to match exactly the text at that point, and guaranteed to fascinate many a reader with their own way of telling or commenting on the adjacent story.
There are also many fine photos that accompany the review. Here is just one. Read the rest and see the rest of the photos at the New Liturgical Movement. And thank you to Dr. Kwasniewski for the fine review!